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Psychologist Staffing Solutions

It's well known that the shortage of qualified psychologists has made filling vacancies challenging for many employers. If you're facing similar staffing challenges, Psych-Recruitment can help. Our team specialises in sourcing, screening, and preparing overseas psychologists for when local candidates are unavailable. We compete globally to attract the best talent to New Zealand, providing a solution to your staffing needs.

Over the years, we have built a large pool of talented psychologists interested in immigrating to New Zealand. We carefully match candidates with the right skills,  qualifications and immigration profile  to your job openings, which saves you time and resources. We continually expand our database by promoting our services globally on social media, attending conferences and emigration expos, and receiving word-of-mouth referrals from the hundreds of psychologists we have successfully placed.  With our assistance, your organisation's reach will extend well beyond New Zealand's borders.

Our business model is designed around successful placements. You will only be charged once we have placed a candidate in your workplace. Additionally, we offer placement guarantee periods to ensure your satisfaction further. Our primary objective is to match the right candidates with the right employers. To achieve this, we work tirelessly to ensure our candidates succeed in their new roles.

 Our Pipeline Process
    • First, we evaluate a psychologist's skill level, experience, employment goals, salary expectations, and, most importantly, eligibility to register with the New Zealand Psychologists Board. We also cover areas of immigration viability and settlement.
    • Next, we address ethical practice, past work performance, and accuracy of information. We caution applicants about the potential consequences of providing inaccurate or misleading information and ensure they acknowledge these points before submitting their job applications.
    • For jobs that require it, we obtain criminal conviction checks. We also fully appraise educational and professional qualifications, and upon request, we can brief employers on a candidate's institute of training, qualifications structure, and experience level. 
    •  Finally, we provide a focused job application that allows hiring managers to quickly and efficiently gauge a candidate's competency areas, including standardised CVs,  cover letters, and other required documentation.
    • Shortlisted candidates receive guidance on behavioural interviewing, relevant New Zealand legislation, and cultural-based competencies.
    • Successful candidates are supported through immigration and relocation into New Zealand so that they arrive work ready. 

When you need help recruiting psychologists, contact us to discuss your staffing needs, the services we provide, and our business terms.

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